Charla Barron LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

MA#63845   MM#39325

213 N Parsons Ave, Suite 1, Brandon FL 33510


I thought Charla did a great job. I'm very picky, and I really enjoyed my massage. I will visit her again. I also liked the ambiance of the massage studio; Very pretty, nice lighting and pleasant overall.

I loved it.Very professional. It was the best thus far. I can not wait for my next appointment next month. I see why it takes months to get in to see her. Thank you for the best message ever.

I've had many other massages but she does the best one that I have ever had! Very relaxing and I highly recommend.

My wife thoroughly enjoys the professional services of Charla going on three years. After a session, her body tingles and continues to enjoy the effects of Charla's massage. Easing her pain in my wife's shoulder provides her an opportunity to enjoy living a normal lifestyle. Just contact Charla and see just what she is able to do for you.

Charla is an AWESOME Massage Therapist with a great knowledge of the human body and how it works! Very professional and gets the kinks out every time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Awesome job

You rock girl, I had a blast & was speechless, thanks so much! I want to get everyone I know in with you.

As a massage therapist, myself, I enjoy getting worked on as well. Charla is awesome!!!

Charla knows what she is doing and is a true professional in the massage therapy field. Don't let her stature fool you, she has some strong hands! She really worked the tightness out of my shoulders and lower back. If you need to reset your body and melt away the daily stressors in life, don't hesitate to give her a call. Thank you Charla, you really do work wonders!

Best Massage of my Life Surround yourself with soothing Himalayan salts, peaceful music and diffused oils. This spa is the essence of relaxation. Once Charla gets her hands on you, worries and stress are sure to melt away under her firm, skillful touch. I highly recommend her 90 minute massage and back exfoliation package. Pure heaven.

Charla is one of the best massage therapists I have used...she is quiet, professional, and really gets to where my aches and pains are!

Setting Appointment - Charla was very professional. Her website to schedule appointments is easy to navigate and she confirmed my requested appointment date/time within a couple of hours after I placed it (I have experienced other therapists not returning calls/emails for days). Upon Arrival - Imperial massage is a local place and the owners obviously care about appearances and service. The greeting area is a bit small but inviting. The ceiling light fixtures were especially nice touches creating a calming ambiance. Service Provided - The massage itself was wonderful. I have had several massages, but some of Charla's techniques were unique enough that it stood out. I felt like she spent just the right amount of time on each area. Also the space was appropriate for a relaxing massage - right temperature, soft lighting, soft music, and a heated table. I would definitely recommend Charla, and in fact, bought a certificate for my mom after I had my service.

Wow, Charla does know her massage techniques! Very impressed and got the most comprehensive massage ever. Well worth it and I will be returning.

Wow !! Charla is a true professional , she is a master of her craft entire experience was great --I'm a new man now :) ...thanks Charla.

First time having a massage. Very pleasant experience. Whole body done! Would recommend for everyone to try.

Charla Barron is very professional and great at what she does. Very relaxing atmosphere and lovely decor. Always look forward to going!

Professional, personable, and knows her stuff. One thing that sets her above others is the little things beyond the massage, hot towels, attention to the neck and scalp area, etc. Those things that make you think; "that's nice, that feels good". Have seen Charla multiple times and will again.

Just had done last Sunday and it was AWESOME!! I recommend!!!

Amazing Massage Therapist!!! So glad I found her! Had the best massage today with Charla, she was awesome!! Already booked an appointment for my husband for tomorrow!

Awesome massage.. I feel so much younger.. My body is relaxed and stress free.. I will be telling everyone about you.. thanks again.

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